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Summerfest 2019 is coming to an end after 11 days of fun and music

Posted at 10:39 PM, Jul 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-07 23:39:32-04

MILWAUKEE — Cindy and Chuck Meyer felt bittersweet on the last day of the Big Gig.

“Happy but sad. It just went fast,” Cindy said.

They’re Summerfest superfans and look forward to “The World’s Largest Music Festival” every year.

Cindy hasn’t missed one day since 1977. The streak runs even longer for her husband, who has gone so far as to make his own festival buttons.

“We’re called Mr. and Mrs. Festival,” Cindy said.

There’s just something about Summerfest that they live for.

“No one else in the country has a beautiful lakefront like this and no one else has Summerfest,” Chuck said.

Their feelings are shared by others.

“You have like the entire state of Wisconsin that kind of just like comes up on the Milwaukee lakefront to listen to all of this really awesome music and drink beer together under the summer sun.

I mean life can’t get any better,” Oak Creek resident, Allison Kitzerow said.

The festival features emerging artists and national acts of all genres.

Then there’s the food, the drinks, and the activities. Most importantly, it’s a time to spend with family and friends, and even have some reunions.

“Running into people that you haven’t seen. It’s like I haven’t seen you since like high school,” Milwaukee resident, Lillian Dear said.

Festival-goers agree, nothing compares to Summerfest.

“I’ve been to New Orleans. I’ve been to all the other ones, but this is the best,” Cindy said.

However, until next year comes around, they’ll find other events to keep them busy.

“We just morph to the next festival,” Chuck said.