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Students from all over the nation head to LULAC convention

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jul 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-10 20:02:02-04

MILWAUKEE — Students from all over the nation are participating in the League of United Latin American Citizens ( LULAC) national conference.

Amanda LaRrauri is a sophomore in college. She flew to the convention from Texas. Amanda is hoping to network at the convention and find ways to set herself apart from other job candidates.

Dulce Gamboa, of Bread for the World, was also the speaker for a Hispanics in the Workforce luncheon. She said Latinos make up almost 60% of the workforce.

"That includes documented and undocumented immigrants, so we are a catalyst in the economy," said Dulce.

She hopes to inform students about work policies that impact the Latino community. According to Bread for the World, a $15 minimum wage would impact 9.3 million people.

"Unfortunately, we don’t see the returns of the hard works in our pockets," said Dulce.

Although Amanda is graduating in a few years, she worries about finding a job.

"Unfortunately, we don’t see the returns of the hard works in our pockets." — Dulce Gamboa of Bread for the World

"Especially being a woman and Hispanic, it’s something that you think about already," said Amanda.

Her plan is to network and soak up as much information as she can during the convention.