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Students far from the farm get chance to show off their cattle

Posted at 5:43 PM, Aug 07, 2019

WEST ALLIS, WI — For many Milwaukee Public School students, the State Fair is as close as they've ever been to farm animals. However, for a handful of students at Vincent High School, their experience is hands on.

"When I first saw our animals, I was really excited because we're in the city, so it's really odd to have them out there," Kristine Blackwell, Senior at Vincent High School said. "We went to a petting zoo sometimes but never been this close to farm animals before. This is really amazing."

Blackwell is one of many Vincent High School students showing animals at the State Fair. She was surprised to find out her school had an agricultural program, but she was excited to try it out. Now, she's showing her sheep at the State Fair.

"To show my sheep, it was exciting," Blackwell said. "It was a little bit of an adrenaline rush because it's my first year showing."

The program shows students at MPS there is yet another avenue they can pursue for a successful future.

"Several students showing today want to go into animal services," Daryl Burns Sr., Principal at Vincent High School said. "Whether it's veterinary science or doctors as well."

"When I graduate, I plan to go to the military," Blackwell said. "When I come back form the military, I plan on having my own ranch and owning a couple animals in Wisconsin. This is a state of agriculture so, it would make perfect sense to stay here."

Blackwell's sheep didn't win, but that's not important for her.

"Even though I wasn't the highest of ranks, it was still pretty special to me," she said.