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State trooper reminds drivers of 'Move Over Law' amid snowstorm

Posted at 8:36 PM, Jan 27, 2019

As the biggest winter storm of the year is set to arrive Sunday night, Wisconsin State Trooper Robert Simpson is reminding drivers to use caution, pay attention and slow down or move over for first responders.

"If you see the lights of an emergency vehicle you need to slow down or move over, especially with the type of weather we have coming," said Trooper Simpson.

In the state of Wisconsin, the law requires motorist to provide a safety zone for law enforcement officers and first responders on the roads.

"If you slam on your brakes or you swerve, your vehicle is going to act totally different than what it would on dry pavement," said Simpson. "That could cause your vehicle to veer directly into a squad car or even hit that officer."

Some areas could see blizzard-like conditions with reduced visibility. Simpson said drivers should reduce their speeds no matter what type of vehicle you have. For those driving Monday, he said to remember to completely clear off the snow from your vehicle.

"You need to take a broom and clean the roof and the hood of the car," he said.

Simpson suggests motorist stay off the roads Sunday night and Monday morning, but if you have to drive, bring a blanket, water, and warm clothing in case you get stranded. If you are in an accident, move the car to a safe location and stay in the vehicle until help arrives.

"Don't even get out of your car to look at the damage. Call 911 and wait for us to come," said Simpson.