Starting this year, the IRS could call you about your taxes

Posted at 8:02 PM, Feb 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-27 23:26:16-05

You may often hear the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will never call to address your taxes - but starting this year, you could get a phone call about taxes.

It comes after the passage of a new law. The IRS has hired four collection agencies as contractors across the country to call people who owe them money. But, you won't get the calls out of the blue. First, the IRS will send you a letter letting you know they're referring your file to an agency. Then, the agency will send you a letter letting you know they're handling it. That's when you might get call from one of these four agencies:

  • Conserve | Fairport, New York
  • Pioneer | Horseheads, New York
  • Performant | Livermore, California
  • CBE Group | Cedar Falls, Iowa

Captain Mike Glider with the New Berlin Police Department said as late as last week he was telling people not to talk to someone claiming they work for the IRS wanting money. Now, he said it's important people know what to look out for on the phone.

"If they're asking you to wire money or pay with debit cards or some non-conventional way it's a pretty good indication it's a scam, if they're threatening to have law enforcement come and arrest you, it's a scam," he said.

Cpt. Glider said you can call the local IRS office to verify you owe money. Get more information here.

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