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South side neighborhood is the most dangerous in Milwaukee for bicyclists

The area averaged 6 serious crashes from 2011-13
Posted at 1:03 PM, Apr 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-27 16:47:16-04

With warmer weather on the horizon, more cyclists will be on the road, increasing the risk of crashes. 

According to the Wisconsin DOT, the area of Lapham Blvd. and Mitchell St. near 3rd and 4th Streets is the worst area for cyclists in Milwaukee. From 2011 to 2013, they averaged 6.59 serious crashes in this area. 

"The worst thing about this issue is we have people not respecting traffic laws," Jose Perez, Alderman for the 12th District said. We need them to do that more than anything."

The area has a bike lane on Lapham but stops as it crosses over 4th street. With the vicinity to the on-ramp for the freeway, it can be extremely difficult to navigate on two wheels. 

"We're concerned about it," Perez said. "We're always working with the police department for the highest and best use strategies to slow down traffic."

Milwaukee Police say in the last six years there have been six bicycle deaths across the entire city. This area is the worst in the city but still ranks eleventh in the state. Alderman Perez hopes the news doesn't prevent people from riding bikes in the city but rather shows they should exercise caution when they're out there. 

"Unfortunately, until we can provide what we need for infrastructure, we want people to have alternate routes," Perez said. "Plus, we know it's good for your physical health that people are exercising and using bikes as a mode of transportation."

Perez urges residents in his district to contact his office if they see a lack of signage, unpainted crosswalks or other areas of need.