Sobelmans' Marquette location is back open after issue with expired license

Posted at 6:49 PM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 20:01:17-04

MILWAUKEE -- Sobelmans' Marquette location is back open just days after its operating license expired.

Thursday afternoon, burgers sizzled on the grill, regulars were back in their booths and dozens of employees were once again on the clock. It’s a big relief for server Kelly McInerney.

"I was worried how I was going to make my tuition payment,” she said. “There's a lot of other employees here who have kids."

The owner says a disagreement between himself and Alderman Bob Bauman ended after a meeting Thursday morning.

"We've agreed to put the past behind us and start to try to work on a new relationship," said owner Dave Sobelman.

Alderman Bauman declined to comment, however Sobelman explains their problems started after failing to appear in front of the common council for the business’ license hearing.

"Normally we don't need to show up for those because our record is flawless until the incident in June where someone is carrying a gun in his pants, no holster," said Sobelman.

The accidental shooting required the business owner’s explanation to renew their license. The Sobelmans never showed up when they were supposed to in July.

"I was led to believe I didn't need to so I didn’t pay close attention to the letter,” he said. “I screwed up, I didn't show, and my wife didn't show."

Their license is expired until September 20. However, both parties found common ground with a temporary permit until then.

"I am promising to move forward and put the past behind me,” said Sobelman. “I'd much rather have a positive and friendly relationship with my alderman."

Part of the agreement for the temporary food permit means Sobelman's will be donating a dollar for each burger sold to a different charity every day until September 20th.