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Sisters at Mount Mary University recognized by National Weather Service

They manually keep track of weather data
Posted at 2:23 PM, Mar 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-09 17:50:42-05

The National Weather Service has recognized Mount Mary University for its service in measuring and reporting temperature and precipitation levels for 50 years. 

While there was already a weather station near Mitchell International Airport, the National Weather Service placed one on campus to minimize the effects from wind in 1968. Since then, a School Sister of Notre Dame at Mount Mary has provided this data to the National Weather Service’s station in Sullivan, Wisconsin.

Sister Georgeann Krzyzanowski, SSND, is the most recent weather observer. The task was passed down to her after another sister showed her how it was done. 

“If the other sisters weren’t here, I would do it. And that’s how I acquired the job. It’s the way we acquire jobs around here sometimes. You’re there, [you say] 'okay I will do it!'” she adds. 

Krzyzanowski uses the two thermometers to gauge a maximum and minimum temperature, a bucket like system to measure the rain, as well as a flat board to measure snowfall.