Shots fired into Milwaukee fire station

Nobody was injured
Posted at 4:37 PM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 23:20:31-05

MILWAUKEE -- A fire station on Milwaukee's north side has been shut down temporarily. This comes after shots were fired into the station, including one through a window.

"I just heard bang, bang, bang, bang. A lot of shooting," said Dave Childs, who lives across from the fire station.

None of the firefighters inside were hit, but they were moved out of the buidling.

"To take precautionary measures we have to shut down our fire house and relocate our members," said Assistant Chief Gerard Washington.

At least a half a dozen shots were fired at the station. Most of the bullets hit the side of the building, but one went right through a window.

"Firefighters are there to help, first responders are there to help, so we are not used to this type of environment where possibly we might be targets, and I can't confirm that," said Washington.

But nearby, neighbors say they were not suprised to hear the afternoon gunfire.

"It's common, you know, you hear a lot of shooting," said Childs.

"Our neighborhood is real violent right now. These senseless acts of violence right now keep happening," said Mikhai Nelson.

They were suprised to find out the fire house was the target. Neighbors say they are part of the community.

"They been our friends for like 30, 40 years around here," said Childs.

The firefighters out of Station 13 moved into Fire Station 5 at 1313 W. Reservoir Ave. They will respond to the neighborhood from there.

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