Shorewood woman organizes protest to bring attention to Dakota Access Pipeline

Posted at 10:37 PM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 11:25:12-05
MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee is one of hundreds of cities taking part in Tuesday's National Day of Action.  
Amy Thomas of Shorewood organized a protest to help bring attention to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  
"I thought here we are in a city the size of Milwaukee something needs to be done," Thomas said.
The pipeline would transport oil across four states. Those in favor said it will bring millions of dollars to local economies and create thousands of jobs. Those against the pipeline said it threatens a Native American tribal water source and could ruin sacred sites and burial grounds.
Thomas wanted to see for herself what was going out West. She first made the drive to North Dakota with her two boys in August. 
"It was amazing. It changed my life," Thomas said. 
She wants to teach her kids what it means to stand up for something. For this Shorewood family, it's putting a stop to the pipeline. 
"Just imagine if somebody just came and put like a giant pipe through our water.... you don't want to drink oil," explained Jonas Thomas, 10.
They hope people in Milwaukee will take an interest. 
"Yeah, because it's our water too," said Sullivan Thomas, 16.
"I want my children to be sympathetic and empathetic to other people and to what other people struggle with, especially nowadays," Thomas said.