Sheboygan Falls asks residents to limit water usage during hot weekend

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jun 29, 2018

City leaders are asking Sheboygan Falls residents to limit their water usage during this hot weekend.  A scheduled maintenance project took one of the city's three water towers out of the mix.  

Matt Balde doesn't plan to change his routine much.  

"Shouldn't have to, pools full," said Balde.

He said he might limit shower time if it means being able to water his plants. 

"We'll still water them.  If they don't get water they're gonna die," said Balde. 

Julie Poole also plans to work in her yard, despite the tower being down. 

"I will. I have nice plants I want to keep alive for the hot weekend," said Poole.

The Sheboygan Falls Utilities Manager said the tower had a scheduled paint job. 

"We had this weekend picked two months ago.  The temperatures rose and now we're fine.  We have ample water and we just want to make sure we conserve today a little bit," said Shad Tenpas, Utilities Manager.

Shad Tenpas said it will help businesses in the industrial park if residents can lay low on watering lawns and plants during the heat of the day Friday.    

"Just kind of conserve and be aware of it," said Tenpas.

City workers have already filled the tower back up with water.  They're just waiting on a second sample to make sure it's safe to use.  The city is asking neighbors to be mindful until Monday.