Sheboygan County residents surprised by snowfall amount

Posted at 2:35 PM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 15:36:52-05

The heavy snow piled up on trees in Sheboygan county. A lot of people living in Elkhart Lake weren't expecting this much white stuff. 
"Way more than we thought," said Ross Sibernagal with Bugs Lawn Care. "It was raining and all of a sudden it changed to snow and we were done."
The snow removal company is staying busy this morning. Sibernagal said the nine inches of white stuff came just in time.
"I'm happy. It's  about time," said Sibernagal. "It's been dead. We've made no money."
Down the street at Off The Rail Coffee House, the snow is blanketing the outside tables. When you walk inside it's warm and the shop is not suffering under the weight of all this snow.
"It's not too bad," said owner Daniel Sadik. "A little slower than normal, but we still have our regulars."
The coffee shop has been open for six years and Sadik's says when a storm rolls in,  the plow drivers stop by to warm up.
"Yes, we want to take care of them. They need warm coffee and then they'll get back on the roads and get us all cleaned up," said Sadik
Sheboygan Police reported 15 accidents,  including a hit and run. Police say a pedestrian was injured and taken to the hospital. The driver was later arrested, but has not yet been charged.

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