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Residents call on alderman for snow removal help

Posted at 9:23 PM, Feb 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 23:21:35-05

A north side Milwaukee neighborhood turned to their alderman for help with snow in the streets.

The area around North 41st St. in Alderman Russell Stamper, III's district has been the source of multiple complaints about snow removal.

Residents like Dorothy Blunt say the streets are "Very bad... very bad. They need to do something about these streets."

Residents say the refusal of some drivers to adhere to the alternate side parking rules when they are in effect causes a big problem. The snow is building up on both sides of the street and the road seems to be getting smaller storm by storm.

"They're not open wide enough and it's hard for a vehicle to get through," said Andre Ora.

Tuesday night, Milwaukee Department of Public Works plow trucks were out attempting to make roads better. Crews had to use smaller plow vehicles to get them down the tight streets, even resorting to blaring the horn hoping to get drivers out to move their cars.

DPW has said recently that they are suffering from a lack of plow drivers and older equipment. There are currently 30 plow driver positions open in the city of Milwaukee with a starting salary around $40,000.

To apply for a job with the DPW, click here.