Report: Some of Wisconsin's drinking water violates federal lead and copper rules

Walworth Co. is the worst offender in our area

More than 18 million Americans are getting their water from systems that have violated federal lead and copper rules, according to a report released Tuesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

"Shoddy data collection, lax enforcement of the law, and cities [are] gaming the system" says the council’s Director of Health, Erik Olson.

Count Walworth County as the worst offender in our viewing area, according to the report.

However, other nearby cities included in the study --- from Chicago to Sheboygan ---  also have excessive lead and copper levels.

Waukesha recently made headlines after being granted unprecedented approval to draw their drinking water from Lake Michigan, after excessive radium contamination levels were discovered. 

The report reveals that more than 5,000 water systems violated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, without enforcement.

The violations include failure to treat, monitor, and report test results. 

How safe is your drinking water? Click here to read the full report.

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