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Rebel Converting Manufacturing to donate kits to make up to one million face masks

Posted at 1:48 PM, Apr 02, 2020

SAUKVILLE — Rebel Converting Manufacturing, a Saukville company that makes disinfectant wet wipes, is creating "face mask kits" to send to local hospitals.

The company's goal is distribute enough kits to make one million masks for people working on the front lines to stop the spread and treat the Coronavirus.

"If it's fighting COVID-19, all of our efforts are going towards that," said owner Mike Kryshak.

The company, which makes wet wipes and hospital grade disinfectant wipes for global companies, is working to produce upwards of 50 million hospital grade disinfectant wipes each day, according to Kryshak.

Now, his son, Thaddeus, has come up with an idea to add to the company's workload.

Inspired by people sewing masks to help meet increased demand at hospitals and using the same fabric used to create wet wipes (melt-blown Polypropylene), a pair of scissors, and a Rubberband, Thaddeus, a systems engineer, figured out a way to make a face mask in a more time efficient way.

"You can make them in around one minute versus 20-30 minutes with sewing masks," said Thaddeus.

The fabric has been charged at a high voltage to increase filterization to protect anyone who wears them from the virus.

Now, staff is using equipment in a controlled environment to quickly pack the kits that will be sent to area hospitals and healthcare facilities.

They hope other companies will be inspired to help create kits as well.

"We are really putting the challenge out there because we are really too busy making hospital grade disinfectants to be making masks," said Kryshak."If they have a clean manufacturing area, and they’re able to produce masks in a controlled environment, we are all up for getting the products they need."

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