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Real Christmas trees will cost you more this year

Posted at 10:19 PM, Dec 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-06 23:20:13-05

MILWAUKEE — A Christmas tradition is costing some people more this year. People who want real trees will likely have to pay higher prices.

"It is absolutely a tradition. We always buy a live Christmas tree," said Michael Amundson from Brookfield.

"On Christmas morning it's really magical," said Dale Kehoss from Mequon on why his family buys a real tree.

Although the tree might be magic, some people are noticing the prices this year are not.

"There are some out there that are like $90, but we kept going. It's just too much for us," said Casey Gowen from Milwaukee.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association reports the price of trees have been on the rise.

Averages Price per Trees:
2014: $39.50
2015: $50.82
2016: $74.70
2017: $75.00
2018: $78.00

The projected average price for 2019 is expected to be over $80. Ideal Christmas Trees owner Rick Dassow said nationally there is a shortage.

"Ten and fifteen years ago there was a reluctance of planting new stock because of the boom in artificial trees," said Dassow.

He said the slow down hit its peak in 2008 the same time the recession hit. Those trees would be ready for the market now. On top of less trees being available, Dassow said more people are now demanding real trees, especially the younger generations.

"Millenials are bringing back the tradition of natural trees. They want to start their own tradition," said Dassow.

Many tree lots around the area including Dassow's Ideal Christmas Trees said they are taking on most of the costs from the shortage. So the prices are only going up around $5 to $10 dollars a tree. Families say they are making do.

"Yeah, we paid it anyway," said Amundson.

If you are looking to save a little money and still want to go with a live tree, Dassow suggests you choose a balsam. It actually smells more fragrant than but it's cheaper than a fraiser.