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Reactions mixed over virtual remote learning

Posted at 6:38 PM, Sep 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-04 19:38:39-04

MILWAUKEE — With many schools back in session, families have mixed reactions to virtual and remote learning.

"Maybe I’m just an optimist but I felt excited and not that nervous," said mom Kris Piotrowski.

Kris and a few other moms share a tutor between five kids in Menomonee Falls. While the tutor keeps the kids on track with school, Kris takes care of the breaks, snacks, and cleaning.

"They love it. All of them really like the tutor and they’re getting to know their teachers. They get to see each other all day, and they’re being really respectful of each other," said Kris.

For Elysse Chay in Milwaukee, it has been more challenging.

"There were tears on the first day because we were all excited. We wanted to do everything right and of course, nothing ever works right the first day. There’s always connection problems or the login isn’t working," said Elysse.

Elysse works from home while her two kids learn remotely. Their internet connection can only handle so much activity, making it difficult for all three of them to be on video meetings at the same time.

"One of the keys definitely has been to manage my own expectations of what we can make happen. Seven meetings a day - that’s not sustainable," said Elysse.

Martha Siravo's daughter Jaz has special needs and goes back to school on Tuesday. Martha says the urgent pivot to virtual learning last spring was chaotic.

"With special education services involved all of a sudden besides just being a parent you turn into the teachers aid all the therapists," said Martha.

However, Jaz seemed to thrive. Now her mom feels more confident about virtual classes this fall.

"As much of a learning experience it is for her it’s been a learning experience for me as well I think it’s created a stronger connection," said Martha.

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