Racine woman accidentally pays $9.99/gallon for gas at Oak Creek gas station

Posted at 11:21 AM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 23:16:14-04

OAK CREEK – Gas prices are on the rise across the country – but they are not as high as what one Wisconsin woman paid last week at an Oak Creek gas station.

According to Oak Creek Police, a Racine woman ended paying a $9.99 a gallon for gas on May 4 at the BP gas station, located at the corner of Ryan Road and Howell Avenue. 

Little did she know, the gas station was not officially open.

The woman told police she was pumping gas -- realized the price -- and then stopped filling her car. She went into the store and was told the gas station was not yet open for business.  

She was charged $64.67 for 6.468 gallons of gas.

She then went to the Oak Creek Police Department to report the incident. According to the police report, she told police she did not realize the gas price sign was not on or that the station was not open.

Police advised her to dispute the credit card charge with her bank.

“I couldn’t even believe it, nowhere have I ever seen gas for $9.99 a gallon, you know," said Connie Ziegenhagen. "It was shocking that’s why I thought that perhaps it was something malfunctioning or whatever."

Construction is underway, the place isn’t even open so the big question is how did this happen? We spoke to the Owner at BP, Jaspal Dhaliwal 

“We weren’t expecting anyone to be pumping gas at that point and we apologize for the inconvenience and misunderstanding,” 

 Dhaliwal says the day Connie stopped by they were testing their gas lines. Originally the price was set at $1 per gallon and another driver got lucky and filled up at that price.

“We had raised the price up to prevent anyone else from pumping gas while we were doing the testing,” Dhaliwal said.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Ziegenhagen was refunded her money Tuesday. Our camera was rolling as she got her money back.

After this problem, the owner says they will be putting up signs to let people know they’re closed. He expects for this gas station to be open in a couple of weeks.

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