Group from Milwaukee bitten by bed bugs at Wisconsin Dells resort

MILWAUKEE -- A family celebrating a birthday in the Wisconsin Dells ended up with bed bug bites for souvenirs.

When Aisha Carr and the group of young girls checked into the resort they had big expectations. They wanted to have some fun, but they also wanted some clean comforters and not to be eaten alive by bedbugs.

They woke up to the bites Saturday morning at the Baker’s Sunset Bay Resort.

"I started feeling around and I just so happened to scratch my arm and I felt like lines of bites," Carr said.

Photos show Carr and some of the girls swelling up everywhere, covered in ugly red bedbug bites. The front desk was then immediately called.

"Our trip was pretty much ruined from that point,” Carr said, “It's just disheartening and upsetting. It was very humiliating."

TODAY’S TMJ4 reached out to the resort and an employee confirmed the bedbug case over the phone, saying Carr was provided compensation for her stay.

She says they have an extremely clean resort, but with people coming and going all the time they believe someone brought them in.

Carr says after going there for the past 12 years that may have been her last trip.

"Just all around a bad experience," she said. "It's no excuse for it, it's a zero tolerance."

The employee at the resort added that a professional pest control company came to the resort Monday to treat the room.  Carr says she has been using over the counter allergy medicine to treat the bites.

The creepy crawlers can be hard to spot and it's best to find the problem early. The EPA has some tips on what to look for. First, look for rusty or red-colored stains on bed sheets or mattresses. Secondly, the bugs also like to hide in seams of furniture and appliances so check there.

TODAY'S TMJ4 also reached out to the Sauk County Health Department and they say there have been no complaints relating to this resort since 2009.

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