Pumpkin shortage puts pumpkin beer in jeopardy this fall

Unfavorable weather has hurt the pumpkin crop
Posted at 2:12 PM, Aug 22, 2016

If you happen to come across some pumpkin ale in the grocery store any time soon -- better stock up.

That's because pumpkin beer appears to be in jeopardy this fall.

A number of brewers are scrambling to find the squash due to tightened supplies. 

Unfavorable weather has hurt the pumpkin crop, causing beer makers to struggle to find the key ingredient for the seasonal flavor. 

Many breweries like to get an early start on their brews, but the sharp decline in pumpkins has delayed what typically can be a four-week process. 

Despite the lower pumpkin crop, some experts say fears of a shortage are over-wrought. Many producers stocked up on puree last year, and processed it to use this year.