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Protesters claim they were mistreated, demand demotion of Wauwatosa Police Chief

Posted at 7:06 PM, Oct 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-23 20:07:01-04

WAUWATOSA — An attorney for Alvin Cole's family, along with multiple protesters, held a news conference on Friday demanding the Wauwatosa Police chief be demoted.

They claimed law enforcement abused and lied to them during the protests in October.

Protests were sparked by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's decision not to charge Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah for fatally shooting Cole in February.

On Friday, attorney Kimberley Motley played an edited video that showed clashes between protesters, Wauwatosa police, and other law enforcement.

Motley says it contradicts statements by Wauwatosa Police including that that no one was injured during the protests.

Six people took part in the news conference to say they were wrongfully detained and mistreated by law enforcement while peacefully protesting in Wauwatosa.

Among them Alvin Cole's mother, Tracy. She said she was ripped from her car and beaten until she passed out.

"I’m scared of cops. I'm afraid to walk my house. I can’t sleep," said Tracy.

Sixty-seven-year-old Jill Ferguson said she was surrounded by several law enforcement officers and detained.

"I was asked why I was part of a terrorist organization and why I support this movement as a senior white woman," said Jill.

She added police dropped her off in an area to find her car knowing they had it towed.

Some said their cell phones and cameras were illegally taken and that officers also dropped them off at random locations away from the cars and home without transportation.

"They dropped us off at 35th and Kilbourn. They took all of our phones they did not allow us to make a phone call after we asked to ensure that someone can meet us there to pick us up," said Joanna Geisler.

Joanna went on to say she was arrested for peacefully protesting before the city's curfew took effect.

"If we had leadership that really believed in a better 'Tosa, individuals from the protest perhaps would’ve come together with the police with the mayor to talk about how do we move forward," said protester John Larry.

They are demanding Wauwatosa’s mayor meet their demands, including a directive to the Police and Fire Commission to demote Police Chief Barry Weber for failed leadership supervising Officer Joseph Mensah and enabling a culture of police violence against peaceful protesters, a certain date for when body cameras will be on all Wauwatosa Police officers, all property that was taken to be returned, dismiss tickets for nonviolent peaceful protests and the firing of Officer Mensah.

TMJ4 News reached out to the mayor's office and Wauwatosa Police Department for a response.

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