PolitiFact Wisconsin takes on $3 billion Foxconn incentive, Wisconsin minimum wage

Posted at 6:58 PM, Sep 13, 2017

Wisconsin's minimum wage and the state's multi-billion dollar cash incentive for Foxconn is the subject on this week's PolitiFact.

The $3 billion Foxconn deal continues to come under scrutiny. Democratic candidate for Governor Andy Gronik calls the offer "nothing but a con to Wisconsin."  

"He says that Wisconsin is guaranteeing Foxconn $3 billion and Foxconn is not making any jobs guarantee," says Tom Kertscher. 

The state's offer pays out roughly half the money if there's a new plant and equipment, and the other $1.5 billion is to tied to jobs. 

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Gronik's claim Half True

"The state's offer of $3 billion is not a flat guarantee," said Kertscher. "It's based on how much the company invests in its factory and how large its payroll is."

Speaker Paul Ryan in the hot seat during a CNN Townhall. Ryan's response to a question about what is the state's minimum wage created lots of buzz on Twitter.  

"His immediate response is seven dollars, then he pauses and starts to say as though perhaps he was gonna to say twenty-five," said Kertscher. 

Ryan completed his answer after a audience member shouted $7.25, which is correct.

"It suggests that Ryan has no idea how much the minimum wage is in Wisconsin," said Kertscher, "when in fact when he was asked the question, the answer was really on the tip of his tongue."

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated this claim Mostly False.