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Police hope to keep the peace at Milwaukee's Moody Park this summer

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-07 18:58:47-04

A safe summer kickoff party was held at Moody Park Friday evening. It comes less than 24 hours after police were called to the park at 22nd and Burleigh for a disturbance involving teens and young adults.

Police confirm there's been an increase in 911 calls at Moody Park over the past few weeks.

"Watch out for your surroundings because you never know who or what is out here," said Speshial Agee, who brings her children to Moody Park every day. "These are innocent children who deserve a safe place to play this summer. They didn't come here to get hurt."

Police were called to Moody Park Thursday night, and arrested two young men.

"Young people were fighting, doing bad things, and throwing objects at officers," said Assistant Police Chief Michael Brunson. "We want everyone to know, if you come here and create problems, there will be consequences."

Disturbances like the one Thursday night are all too common at Moody Park, just ask State Representative Kalan Haywood.

"I was here about two weeks ago at 9:30 at night, and the things I saw were very disturbing," Haywood said. "It made me fearful for what's ahead."

He and Milwaukee Police are asking parents, neighbors and community groups to get more involved. Clifton Agee, who lives nearby, is taking that request seriously.

"Yesterday, we had a really positive lunch with 40 kids from the park," Agee said. "We asked them what they need? What can we do? How can we stop this? They tell us that most of the kids creating the drama are coming to Moody Park from other parts of Milwaukee. We have to work to build relationships with these kids. They need something positive to do."