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Plymouth's annual "Big Cheese Drop" rings in the New Year [VIDEO]

Posted at 9:57 PM, Dec 31, 2019

PLYMOUTH — Forget the ball drop in Times Square, Plymouth has the Sartori Big Cheese Drop. It’s the event that brings out the whole community.

“We are coming to the cheese drop,” said Pat Cook.

“It’s Plymouth, Wisconsin, why don’t we?” asked Ricky March as he waited for the cheese to drop.

For more than a decade Plymouth has lowered a cheese wedge over the downtown.

“The Cheese Drop is a big metal cheese that the Plymouth Fire Department hoists up and then we mark the New Year by bringing it down,” said KerryLynn Kraemer of the Plymouth Arts Center.

Why cheese? Plymouth is the self proclaimed Cheese Capitol of the World. It has four cheese plants include Sartori, Sargento, Master Gallery Foods and Great Lakes Cheese.

Sartori helped to build the wedge Plymouth drops and sponsors the event.

“It’s a free event, it’s for the community and we have our Sartori cheese here so they can taste the different types that they have,” said Kraemer.

New Years is also rung in two hours early at 10 p.m. so employees and the community can come out with kids. Families say they don’t miss it.

“Every year we do this,” said March. “It’s a good time. So everybody comes out to have a good time tonight. It’s the Cheese Drop. It’s Plymouth. Let’s have a good time.”

The party does go on here until midnight.