Many residents lose power during snow storm

Posted at 2:54 PM, Nov 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-23 15:54:16-05

PLEASANT PRAIRIE -  Nearly 6,000 customers in Pleasant Prairie had a stressful day Saturday, not knowing when they'd get their power back on. Homeowners did what they could to stay warm.

Heavy, wet snow weighted down tree limbs across southeast Wisconsin. A number of outages resulted as branches fell onto power lines.

“Little early in the season, wasn’t expecting, for first snowfall, you’re looking for one to two, this is a little too much," said Adam Smith.

Doug Liddle had no power in his home for six hours.

“Oh just hunkered down, stayed under blankets and I got a fire going in our fire place and just waited it out," Liddle said.

Outside, it was a rush to clear away the snow before Sunday's cold.

“It was a challenge. Heavy, very heavy snow," said Joy Brown.

"It’s wet and heavy, hard to move, I gave up on the snow blower," said Jan Ellis.

Those who dug out early, like Ken Riley, found the roads a mess.

But for most, it's just a nice transition into the holiday season.  Kids of all ages were having fun with it.

“Sometimes it can be like a struggle with it because it’s so cold, but I do love playing in it," said Sydney Uttech.

“We’ve had a good warm November and it’s what November 21st so it’s time, we’re ready," said Mike Koch.

By late afternoon, We Energies had restored power to most in Kenosha County.

Pleasant Prairie remained under a snow advisory through 11:30 p.m Saturday.

Scattered power outages were also reported in Waukesha County and Racine County Saturday.