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All Milwaukee Pizza Huts closed due to licensing issues now open

Posted at 10:31 AM, Jan 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-22 18:09:05-05

The nine Milwaukee Pizza Huts that were closed due to licensing issues now are open.

As of 4:32 p.m. Tuesday, the attorneys on the Food & Beverage Team at Davis & Kuelthau reported that all of EYM Group’s City of Milwaukee Pizza Hut locations have reopened.

The five that opened Tuesday (5704 W. Capitol Drive, 3131 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. , 1840 S. 15th St., 7604 W. Burleigh St., and 2340 N. Farwell Ave.) join the four that reopened last Friday.

The Milwaukee Health Department had hoped to have pre-licensing inspections completed by last Friday for the nine Pizza Hut locations in Milwaukee that were closed due to licensing issues, according to a spokesperson.

All nine previously were closed due to a lack of a valid food dealer license. The new owner, EYM Pizza of Wisconsin, bought the locations from PH Hospitality Group, but the licensing still needed to be signed off on by the Department of Neighborhood Services, the Milwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee Health Department and all of the alderpersons for each location.

Here is a statement from EYM Group and the Davis & Kuelthau legal team:

After acquiring the area Pizza Hut locations, EYM Group filed food license applications with the City of Milwaukee in November to document the change in ownership for the longstanding Pizza Huts which employ 80 people from the Milwaukee area. While the team worked with the City over the past 8 weeks, on Wednesday the Milwaukee Health Department suddenly issued orders to close the locations without any prior notice.
EYM Group immediately retained the Food & Beverage Team at the Davis & Kuelthau law firm and beginning on Thursday morning, Brian Randall led the Davis & Kuelthau legal team and EYM Group’s local operations team to meet with multiple City representatives and elected representatives. Since yesterday morning our team has completed all application forms, paid $3,950 in license application fees, obtained Board of Zoning Appeals approval for the required Special Use Permits for two locations as required, scheduled and coordinated Health Department inspections at all locations, and scheduled coordinated Department of Neighborhood Services at all required locations.
EYM Group and the Davis & Kuelthau legal team are doing everything possible to work with the City to reopen all of the locations so that the loyal Pizza Hut customers can find their favorites for dinner tonight at all of the 9 neighborhood Pizza Huts.

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