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'Personally I would miss the memes:' What college students would miss the most without the Internet

Posted at 9:45 PM, Oct 29, 2019

MILWAUKEE — It was 50 years ago on October 29, 1969 that the Internet was created. A Unversity of California Los Angeles professor sent out a message through a group of computers. It took more than 25 years before the Internet started to become something most people regularly used.

"Allison can you explain what Internet is?" asked Katie Couric on the TODAY Show in 1994.

Most college students can't even remember the dial up days, but they can't imagine life without the Internet.

"Personally I would miss the memes. That's me," said Andrew Daguinsin, a UWM student.

"I don't know anything about technology, I just use it," said Chloe Wasson, a UWM student.

While others who grew up "unplugged" say they could survive disconnected.

"It would be like a vacation," said Stacy Graff, a mother of a UWM student.

Though her daughter isn't sure she believes that.

"I don't know if you could go that long without Twitter," said Bella Biewer to her mother Graff.

Really could anyone go that long without the Internet anymore?.