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People, pets and cars all try to survive the arctic blast in Milwaukee

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Posted at 9:39 PM, Jan 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-30 23:24:17-05

MILWAUKEE — This arctic blast has people across Milwaukee forced to power through.

"It stings a little bit," said Barbara Miller. "Oh man well look at me."

Miller was out in two scarves and two turtle necks to walk her dog Dexter Wednesday night. Dexter is loving the cold, while Miller is surviving it.

"The eye lashes turn to ice. That will be in a few minutes," said Miller.

Across the area, car repair shops and tow companies are working overtime to get cars started in the cold.

"Some you are just not going to get going. But if it is a good dependable car a jump will probably get it going," said Jerry Turriff, the owner of Jerry's Certified Service and Towing.

Wisconsin State Patrol says they had around 250 calls from drivers and 90 percent were because of car troubles caused by the extreme cold. Brad Gray said his new SUV would not start Wednesday afternoon.

"I was at home, so I was stuck, but I was at home. So I got out the battery charger and it charged up after a few hours," said Gray.

After all that he still needed to go and get antifreeze because the coolant light came out. So his plans of making business calls were ruined.

"I had to make a couple call and let me people what was going on. Luckily, everyone was very understanding because of the weather," said Gray.

That is not the only one having their business effected by the polar vortex. Riverwest Tavern has a sign up letting people know they shut down early because of the extreme cold.

"Riverwest is pretty hard core in general so you know it's like an emergency," said Rachel Stenman as she walked by.

Stenman put on a full face mask and hat and hood just to walk three blocks to her work.

"It's not too bad but it's kind of a trek is this weather," said Stenman.

Her advice for today and tomorrow, stay inside!

"I'm done now for the night, Thank God," said Stenman. "Don't go out unless you have to."