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People head to Pewaukee hoping lightning strikes twice with Powerball

Posted at 9:13 PM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-27 23:29:21-04

The third largest lottery jackpot in history, $750-million, has people making the after work trip to Pewaukee to what some consider a lucky station.

The Pewaukee Corner Pump at 1194 Capitol Dr. has already sold a winning Powerball ticket in 2017. People hope lighting strikes twice and they walk away with a jackpot worth a quarter of a billion dollars.

"I want to go to Europe," Cathleen Valdovinos of Pewaukee said.

"Hawaii," Nena Jones of Pewaukee said.

"I would retire," Todd Katcha said as he bought tickets.

So how much is $750-million? If you take the lump sum that brings you down to $465.5 million. To put that into perspective, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun is the highest paid player on the team right now, he will make $19-million this season. So that winning jackpot is his salary about 25 times over. Or you could field the entire active Brewers roster four times. However, with the odds of winning 1 in 292 million, you have a better chance of winning an Olympic gold medal or hitting multiple holes in one.

"I got one ticket that's all you need," Chris Dries of Rhinelander said as he walked out the door.

The winning numbers for Wednesday's drawing are: 16-20-37-44-62-12.