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People excited to get out after being 'locked in' by the cold

Posted at 9:10 PM, Jan 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-31 23:17:31-05

MILWAUKEE — Restaurants and bars around Milwaukee are reopening after the intense cold snap. Some people are getting out for the first time in days.

"We have been locked in," said Jenni Hofschulte. "Both of our children have been off schools for Milwaukee Public Schools since last Friday."

The Milwaukee mother said she usually works from home, but this week, so has her husband. That combined with two bored kids has made for a very long few days.

"Everyone has been underfoot and in each others' business," said Hofschulte.

When the Hofschultes finally got out they decided they were not ready to go back home right away.

"We had to go out to a doctor's appointment and I was like, 'Let's just not go home yet,' so we are at Lakefront," said Hofschulte.

And they left the kids at the house for a little bit.

"We have a big one that is 17-years-old so they are fine," said Hofschulte.

Over at BelAir Cantina people were excited to find a place open.

"I am happy to be outside again. It's nice to talk to people," said Guntis Dredzels from Madison.

Both BelAir and Lakefront Brewery were two of dozens of businesses that shut down Wednesday.

"In my experience, we have not been closed from extreme cold," said Jared Guerrero, general manager. "And I am pretty sure in the history of BelAir Cantina we have not."

Even the highly-anticipated Cirque du Soliel show 'Crystal' canceled a performance because of the cold. Two women who had tickets to the ice show Wednesday decided the arctic air would not stop them Thursday night.

"We were really looking forward to seeing the show," said Becky Binns.

They said on Thursday they were ready for the cold.

People who had tickets to Wednesday's Cirque du Soilel show were either able to get a refund or they could pick another day to go.