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People come together for Good Friday and Passover amid ongoing war in Ukraine

Posted at 5:47 PM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 18:47:52-04

MILWAUKEE — As people around the world observed religious holidays on Friday, they did so as the war in Ukraine dragged on.

Dozens of Catholics came out for Good Friday at Milwaukee's Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. Through scripture and prayer, they commemorated the crucifixion of Jesus and his death.

Parishioners also prayed for those in Ukraine. Following the service, Milwaukee's Archbishop Jerome Listecki spoke about the violence there, in Milwaukee, and around the world.

"Where do you go with the suffering, you just throw your hands up and yell defeat? Well, the cross says no. The cross says everything is found in the confidence and trust in God," Archbishop Listecki said.

Meanwhile, preparations for Friday's Passover seder were moving along at the Chabad Lubavitch Torah Center in Glendale. Around 200 people will gather to commemorate the Jewish people's exodus from slavery in Egypt.

"We're gonna have a number of people who are born in Ukraine, a number of those born in Russia who are very close and good friends, and tonight of course, it has a special significance as they join us."

Rabbi Shmotkin said they raised money so that people in Ukraine could not only survive, but even celebrate Passover. Shmotkin believes that message of Passover is especially appropriate given what's happening in the world, in particular Ukraine.

"The world seems to be a darker place today than it was yesterday or a few days ago, and I think the message of Pesach is that with faith and perseverance, God can take us out in just one moment," Rabbi Shmotkin said.

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