Pastor wanted speed bumps ahead of hit-and-run

Posted at 9:07 PM, May 31, 2016

Almost a year before a deadly hit-and-run on Milwaukee's northwest side, a pastor was worried something bad would happen on her street. Pastor Mary Jiles started a petition for speed bumps, calling on the city to slow down the traffic. She is hoping they are willing to listen now to stop more tragedy from happening.

Balloons and candles mark the spot where a hit-and-run accident happened Friday. Police say a speeding, stolen SUV blew the stop sign at 39th and Hadley and slammed into a car with a family inside. Danielle Triggs, 46 and her grandson, Taeshawn Griffin, 8, were killed.

"I was afraid that this would happen," says Pastor Mary Jiles.

Jiles, the pastor of nearby Christian Fellowship Community Church and a longtime resident, started a petition last year asking the city to put in speed bumps.

"The traffic is so heavy here. Cars run down the street here like 50 miles per hour," says Pastor Jiles.

She wanted two on 39th Street. More than a dozen neighbors TODAY'S TMJ4 spoke to say they all signed it, but nothing happened.

"This road been dangerous. There's not doubt about it," says Jermone Berry, neighbor.

The pastor says after this accident she hopes the city is finally willing to listen.  She says the neighborhood should not have to bury another grandmother and a grandson because of reckless driving.

"Whatever it takes, we need it," says Pastor Jiles.

Pastor Jiles has met with her alderman and she says she plans to bring the issue up again to city hall. Police are still looking for two people who ran away after the crash.