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Passerby saves stranger struggling in Kenosha harbor

Posted at 10:08 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-20 08:47:50-05

A Kenosha man rushed in to help a stranger when he heard someone struggling in the harbor.

"Something in my head told me like just walk down there, see what's going on," said Brody Chamberlin.

When Brody Chamberlin's car wouldn't start around 5am Friday, he decided to walk to the gas station.  He heard a voice echoing, but it was dark so it was tough for Brody to make out where it was coming from.

"I started yelling... hey, is anybody there... and then I can distinctively make out help me, help me," said Chamberlin.

The 24-year-old saw a bike near the ledge of the harbor so he looked over the block of ice along the cement wall.

"I see a man sitting there holding on to icicles, looking up at me saying please help me, please help me," said Chamberlin.

Brody jumped into action.

"I throw some snow down cause this is covered in ice.  I take my jacket off so I have a little bit of traction and I lean over and I'm sitting there trying to pull him up and I couldn't," said Chamberlin.

Without letting go of the man in the water Brody dialed 911 with his chin.  He noticed the man's grip changing, likely the start of hypothermia.

"Police go to grab my ankles and try and pull him out.  Still not working," said Chamberlin.

The Kenosha Fire Department said crews got in the water to rescue the man.  He was in the harbor for about a half hour, but conscious and talking.  Officials think he might have been riding his bike along the seawall when he fell in. 

Brody credits the responders even though his actions ignited the rescue.

"If you see somebody who needs help you should so something like that.  There's people who do this everyday like for a living," said Chamberlin.