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Milwaukee Parking Enforcement Officers found parked in electric vehicle spot

Posted at 4:52 PM, Apr 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-17 19:22:57-04

A delivery driver snapped a photo of two Milwaukee Parking Enforcement officers parked in illegal spots.

The two Jeeps were parked next to each other in a spot marked "Electric Vehicle Charging Station." There are two other signs in the spots that read, "Tow away zone. No parking this stall except for electric vehicle charging."

"They're parked illegally, giving tickets," Joseph Wojczak of Greendale said. "I mean, that's not really fair."

Wojczak delivers food for a living. He was picking up food at Qdoba on Brady Street when he noticed the irony.

"I don't have an electric vehicle," Wojczak said. "The city of Milwaukee doesn't use electric vehicles. If I'm parked there, I'm going to get a ticket."

According to the city's Parking Service website, there are 64 different types of citations listed. It also includes Code 620, Prohibited Parking - Non-electric or not charging. This violation costs $22, with increases for late fees up to $39.

Wojczak says the Parking Enforcement officers should be held to the same standard as him.

"If a cop does it, it's part of his job," Wojczak said. "He has to do things. Parking people, they don't. It's for other specialty vehicles. There were other parking spots. They didn't choose them."

The Department of Public Works was not available for an interview but released this statement:

"In order to efficiently and effectively perform their responsibilities Parking Enforcement Officers temporarily stop at various locations for short durations of time. These parking Jeeps were stopped temporarily to perform their responsibilities."

However, Wojczak doesn't think it's fair in this circumstance.

"If I have to find a good parking spot, they should, too," Wojczak said. "I guess they wanted to park next to each other."

The city says to report any behavioral complaints about Parking Enforcement, to contact the Unified Call Center at 414-286-CITY (3489), and representatives will log such complaints.