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Parents upset over Kenosha high school sexual assault quiz

Posted at 8:51 PM, Dec 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-20 21:51:52-05

The Kenosha Unified School District has begun an investigation after parents became concerned an assignment pinned blame on sexual assault victims.

Students at Bradford High School received a worksheet Monday asking to list four ways a sexual assault victim could have avoided her attack.

A parent posted a picture of the worksheet on Facebook, drawing a lot of attention on social media and debate over the question’s intent and if it was appropriate.

Parent concerns extend outside of Bradford.

“It shifts the blame away from the assaultant and onto the victim," said Kate Trudell who has a son in the district. "It perpetuates rape culture, and it has a damaging effects on female and male ability to report sexual assaults when they happen which we already know we have a big problem with."

Trudell also has two daughters that will enter the district when they get older. She said she would never want her kids to see the controversial question.

Kenosha Unified School District released a statement saying:

"Late on Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018, the Kenosha Unified School District administration was made aware of concerns regarding a class assignment presented to students in health class at Bradford High School on Monday, Dec. 17, 2018. District administration takes concerns very seriously and immediately launched an investigation. In addition, Bradford was asked to promptly remove this assignment from use. The district will be doing a comprehensive review of the health curriculum covering relationships and dating violence, consent and sexual assault to avoid future incidents. It was not the intent of the district or our staff to offend any of our students, families or stakeholders and we apologize for the concern this may have caused.”