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OWI suspect pretends to sleep, locks himself in car near West Bend

OWI suspect pretends to sleep, locks himself in car near West Bend
Posted at 4:37 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-13 17:38:08-05

A 53-year-old Addison man was arrested for his fourth OWI Saturday, who pulled out a bag of tricks to avoid Washington County Sheriff deputies. 

According to a post on the sheriff's Facebook page, deputies tried to pull over a car swerving and speeding near West Bend. The driver initially did not pull over but the deputies were able to get the car to stop. 

The driver and his passenger didn’t speak to the deputy when he approached the car, and the two pretended to be asleep. 

The second deputy came over to the car and the suspect “woke up.” He must not have had a good rest because then he became “uncooperative” with the deputies. 

During the commotion, the second deputy slipped the keys out of the ignition. 

The two people in the car then tried to lock the car, despite the officers having the keys. Eventually, the two deputies were able to forcibly remove the two from the car. 

The driver was put in the back of a squad car, and he kicked the upper door frame, bending the metal frame. 

Authorities took the driver to the hospital to test his blood, where the driver calmed down. But then went straight back to resisting deputies once he was back in the squad car. 

Along with the OWI, the man was arrested for failure to have an ignition interlock device, failing to stop and criminal damage to the squad car. 

The passenger, a 50-year-old Trenton man, was arrested for resisting arrest and posted bond.