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Over 100 individuals arrested over the past two days for violating curfew

Posted at 4:30 PM, Jun 01, 2020

MILWAUKEE — According to Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales, over 100 people have been arrested in the past two days due to the George Floyd protests.

Morales made this statement during a press conference Monday. He acknowledged that peaceful protests have been going on during the day. However, he addressed things turning violent at night.

"Over the course of the past few nights, absolute chaos has been spewing in our city streets," said Chief Morales. "Last night 24 stores were burglarized, 11 stores were damaged in the city of Milwaukee. Milwaukee does not deserve this."

According to Morales and the Milwaukee Police Department, 109 people have been arrested for violating curfew. Five of those arrests were people from outside of Milwaukee. Additionally, 37 cars have been towed.

"I'll send a reminder to all," Morales said. "If you are out engaging in civil unrest, you will be held accountable."

Morales also discussed reckless driving in the city of Milwaukee, and punishment for that reckless endangerment. He said, "It has to stop."

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