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Outdoor workers brace for the bitter Wisconsin cold

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 23:24:19-05

The bitter cold has people turning to warming centers to get out of the weather. Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church on the south side was already at capacity for the night before it even officially opened for the evening.

"We filled up about a week ago and people are not missing because it's too cold to risk to being unable to return because we gave your bed to somebody else," said Pastor Karen Hagen.

The homeless tent encampment under the expressway in downtown Milwaukee was empty when TODAY'S TMJ4 went to check if anyone is risking spending the night outside. But Hagen said there will still be people who stay outside Thursday night.

Despite the dangers that come with being outside in sub-zero temperatures some people don't have a choice because of their jobs.

"I will be in and out of the cold helping people park and show them where to park at," said parking attendant Andrew Montgomery.

"When my hands and stuff start getting cold I come back in the booth," said Montgomery.

He has multiple layers on but did not bring a hat and gloves. Montgomery does have a secret in the booth to get him through his shift, two heaters. Though he knows most of the night he won't be next to them.

"I just bear with it though," said Montgomery.