Online notebook helps organizations understand teen wellness

Posted: 7:26 PM, Apr 25, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-25 20:26:07-04

Local therapist Holly Hughes Stoner created an online guide for teen mental health that's being used worldwide.

Stoner created the Teen Compass Wellness Notebook to help teens deal with daily stresses. While it was originally thought a few schools and other organizations might use it here in Wisconsin, it's been downloaded more than 2,300 times across the globe. 

The nonprofit Our Next Generation has been using a form of the notebook for several years. The organization's CEO and President La Toya Sykes works with Stoner and sees the positive change in her students. Students like high school senior Keiona Jones says the notebook has become a good personal guide in helping her prepare for the future. 

The 144-page notebook covers the teen mind, strength, heart and soul. Stoner says making the book a free download, it's available to everyone, and she's able to track how the book is being used. 

"Using it with kids who are incarcerated. Helping them get a holistic picture of their life. Then determine what could they do differently going forward," said Stoner. 

With its international reach, Stoner hopes teen violence will come to an end.