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'I've been on a long road': One of the few remaining heroes of this century turns 100

Less than 2% of WWII Vets are still alive according to The Department of Veteran's Affairs.
Peter Christofferson
Posted at 6:08 PM, Jan 13, 2022

Surrounded by friends and family at the Parkview Senior Community in Racine, Peter Christofferson was overwhelmed with love as the group sang "Happy Birthday" to him for the 100th time.

"God just didn't want me I guess, he's kept me around for a long time and I've been on a long road," said Christofferson beaming with joy.

Christofferson was born in 1922 in Caledonia. Over the century, he became a father, grandfather, great grandfather, and hero.

"I'm a WWII veteran, I entered service in 1942," Christofferson said.

Peter Christofferson
Peter Christofferson

For three years, Christofferson dedicated his life to serving in the U.S Navy.

"As a WWII veteran, our numbers are getting smaller all the time," he said.

Less than 2% of WWII Vets are still alive, according to The Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Christofferson's second son, Ralph, is grateful his father is still alive and well.

Peter Christofferson
Peter Christofferson

"You don't get a chance to meet and listen and understand what they did all their lives through the great depression and through the wars to working hard all his life.," said Ralph.

His work ethic led him to finding his passion in service working with the Caledonia Lion's Club, a humanitarian service organization that does extensive work helping the visually impaired.

"People that donated their eyes, I'd pick them up at the hospital and deliver them off to the eye institute in Milwaukee," said Christofferson.

Christofferson believes his secret to living a long life is simply just staying active. At 100 years old, he still manages to drive and cook.

"We don't want him to slow down, that's probably the biggest factor in his life is that he's kept busy," said Ralph.

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