Officer who saw his friend get shot: 'I can always count on him"

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jul 20, 2016

MILWAUKEE -- One of the officers in the crowd outside Froedtert Hospital Wednesday as Officer Brandon Baranowski was discharged actually saw him get shot.
Officer James Johnson tells us it was horrific to see someone who has grown as a friend working at District 6, shot twice in the arm and twice in the chest. The last bullet grazed his face, which was still visible Wednesday.

"It was tough to see him going through that. He's a great guy, I mean we have a lot of laughs when we're at work and I can always count on him. He's one of my best buddies at work," said Officer James Johnson, Milwaukee Police.
Because of this incident, all Milwaukee Police officers will be working in pairs indefinitely. Chief Ed Flynn told us he's relieved everyone was able to come together to celebrate this officer at a hospital rather than a church.