New movement has Milwaukee restaurants ditching plastic straws

Part of a worldwide effort to reduce plastic waste
Posted at 8:51 AM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 13:59:35-04

MILWAUKEE -- A new movement among Milwaukee restaurants are leaving something off the table.

They are ditching plastic straws in an effort to help keep more plastic out of landfills and our water.

Places like Garage and Hi-Hatt Lounge off Brady Street in Milwaukee are in the process of cutting out straws.

"Just trying to do our part," said Jennifer Crozier, the general manager of Garage/Hi Hat Lounge.

Area restaurants have gotten on board of what's become an international movement to cut down on plastic waste starting with straws. The reason is lot of plastic ends up in oceans and lakes.
Every year, 11 million pounds of plastic ends up in Lake Michigan alone.

On Thursday, piles of garbage that washed onshore in front of the Milwaukee Art Museum when the waves were high.

Lulu Cafe and Bar in Bayview and it's sister restaurant Juniper 61 in Wauwatosa dropped the plastic straw about a month ago.

"We started phasing out the plastic straws and telling people about the campaign in February," said Cameryne Roberts, the co-owner of Lulu Cafe/Juniper 61.

They switched to paper. While Cafe Corazon ditched it's plastic straws for compostable ones made from corn. 

But there are some people who don't want their straws to go. 

"Sensative teeth so it makes it easier to drink cold drinks," said Linda Sierzchulski who was eating at Cafe Corazon.

"People do get in a fuss over not having straws," said manager at Cafe Corazon Elijah Jansen.

But most said they didn't even notice the switch.

"I would never not go to a restaurant cause they didn't have a straw," said Marlene Scholz customer at Cafe Corazon.

"End of the day it doesn't really change things and I guess it's good that they are doing a little bit to save the environment," said Nick Kowalski, a customer at Garage.


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