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NBC's Chuck Todd on Trump search warrant affidavit and college loan forgiveness

TMJ4's Charles Benson talked with NBC's Meet the Press Moderator Chuck Todd about this week's big stories.
Posted at 6:42 PM, Aug 27, 2022

What was redacted and revealed in Mara a Lago search affidavit and President Biden delivers on another campaign promise on college debt, but did it send the right message?

TMJ4's Charles Benson talked with NBC's Moderator of Meet the Press Chuck Todd about this week's big stories.

Justice Department released parts of affidavit used to search former President's Trump's home.

What did we learn in this heavily redacted affidavit that might suggest this was a reasonable - even though unprecedented - search of a former president's home?

"It really raised this question for me: Why did we in the news media have to file a lawsuit to drag this out of the Justice Department, said Todd. What they did release to the public, I think was something important for the public to learn especially after the former president decided to go public when this happened, and once that happened it created all these questions."

Todd added, "I actually think everything they released, it underscores that they basically tried to avoid this under multiple circumstances, and then decided this was the only way they were going to be able to find and get these documents."

This week, President Biden moved to forgive some college debt for millions impacted by student debt.

"I think the mistake here is they didn't address the core cause of these high prices," said Todd.

Democratic US Senate candidate Mandela Barnes response was measured.

Barnes' campaign suggested the plan will help, should have included technical colleges and he wants to see a middle-class tax cut.

Senator Ron Johnson called it, "expensive, regressive, and unjust."

Does this become a mid-term election talking point?

"I think we now see; the abortion issue has done what, six months ago, the student debt issue, that some Democrats who aren't getting why he had to do this is the only way you're going to get young voters interested in this election, said Todd. Young voters are fired up in this election and it has nothing to do with student debt, now it has everything to do with abortion rights."

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