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NBC's Chuck Todd on the state of journalism

Posted at 10:16 PM, Feb 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-24 23:16:15-05

MILWAUKEE — NBC'S Chuck Todd is used to asking the questions, but on Wednesday evening he was answering them. He talked with TMJ4's Charles Benson about what he calls a crisis of trust.

Benson: "Please welcome Chuck Todd, live from his home studio."

Todd: "Or as I call it 2020's Meet the Press set."

From the comfort of his home, Chuck Todd talked about the state of journalism during a virtual fundraiser for the Milwaukee Press Club that included up to 50 local journalism students.

The moderator of Meet the Press on TMJ4 Sunday mornings says journalism is at an inflection point in America.

"We are actually at a fascinating time in this respect," said Todd, "there's never been more demand for a trusted news source, and it's never been harder to obtain that status."

Todd says the country has become politically fragmented as opinion-based news on cable becomes a dominant model.

"Right now, we don't have a lot of diversity of thought," said Todd. "There's one big liberal umbrella, Democratic umbrella, and then there's this Trump umbrella and there's a fight inside their party with a very small slice."

Add in the influence of social media on politics and Todd says you have this crisis of trust across the spectrum.

"We consume far too much information through negative headlines and negative perceptions, and I think this has taken, if you think about this, we have been in a consistent downward slide in trust in every single institution - you name it."

Todd has not lost faith in the Green Bay Packers - his favorite team since he was a kid, despite not growing up in Wisconsin.

Benson: "I have to ask you this question..."

Todd: "I want JJ Watt."

Benson: "That was my question."

Todd: "This window is now. Sign him."

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