NBC's Chuck Todd on 2024 Wisconsin Senate race and student loan court challenge

TMJ4's Chief Political Reporter Charles Benson talks with NBC's moderator of Meet the Press Chuck Todd about the big political stories
Posted at 10:30 AM, Mar 05, 2023

The $400 billion question for the U.S. Supreme Court and can anyone beat Democrat Tammy Baldwin if she runs in 2024.

The U.S. Supreme court heard arguments on the Biden administration's decision to wipe out $400 billion in student debt for 40 million people.

Chief Justice john Roberts questioned the fairness of the loan forgiveness program and suggested this was a question for Congress to decide.

The issue is whether the HEROES Act, the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act, allows the government to provide relief to recipients of student loans during a “national emergency”.

There are six conservative justices on the court.

"It's just really sort of one of those separation of powers issues. If that ends up what the court decides," said Todd. And I say a big if, there's still a question about those that brought the case against the Biden administration about whether this was constitutional. It's not clear they have standing."

2024 is a presidential election year but Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin is also up next year.

All signs point to her running for a third term. In a state that has had close contested statewide races - Baldwin has been the anomaly with big wins in 2012 and 2018.

So far, the Republican field remains unclear on possible challengers.

"I think she's difficult to beat but it's also hard for her to do any better than 52%," said Todd, and when your margin is that small, you're going to get a challenger. If I'm her, I'm hoping Mike Gallagher (Green Bay Republican Congressman) continues to say no. I think on paper, he's the most formidable potential challenger."

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