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"My Dog Named Hope," grassroots effort to help families with childhood cancer, reaches milestone

Posted at 10:29 PM, Dec 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-20 23:58:23-05

Exciting news in the fight against childhood cancer. A grassroots effort to help families with the disease has reached a milestone. In part, because of one word with more than one meaning.

The word is hope. The name of an adorable stuffed dog and the main character in a book called "My Dog Named Hope."

Joe Dean is the author and creator of the book.

"The central message of the book is there's always room for hope," Dean explains.

The children's book is written about a family dealing with childhood cancer, The dog finds the courage and gives the family hope. Now, Dean has stunning news to share.

"We're optimistic in the early part of next year we can increase our contributions to pediatric cancer to $100,000."

It's all because 100% of all proceeds go to pediatric cancer research and services including the MACC Fund. The book is funded by We Energies.

A new PSA is now playing in Marcus Theaters on behalf of the project. The book and the stuffed toy cost $25 each, or $45 together.

"Thanks to organizations like the MACC Fund, cure rates have gone to 85% in some of these cancers," notes Dean.

Dean describes a unique feature of the toy Hope.

"In the belly is a hot and cold pack."

"When kids hug the dog they get some relief from their chemotherapy treatments as well."

If you have room on your holiday gift list you might want to buy the Hope toy or book. Your support could save a child's life. For more information, click here.