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Queen Bee Ball celebrates powerful women

Posted at 10:33 AM, Dec 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-14 11:35:25-05

MILWAUKEE — Linda Jordan uses her voice, her story and even her wallet to inspire other women. Oct. 4 she held her third annual Queen Bee Ball, a celebration of powerful women who inspire. It was a dazzling event at Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel.

"I like to say this is my personal passive protest against the devaluation of women," Jordan said.

Jordan is an author and a theologian. The wife, mother and grandmother is inspired by her faith. An ordained pastor, she no longer preaches in the church but in a new way.

"I'm ministering to spiritual leaders and leaders in the community. Every call is not just for the pulpit," she said.

Jordan is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed shortly after she was called to preach in 1992.

"I already knew and accepted that I would be a steward of the word of God and that I would help people see who they really are in the name of the Lord!" said Jordan.

Her strong faith made her certain she would not die, though cancer was found in more than half of her lymph nodes. Jordan says the challenge of cancer pushed her closer to her faith.

"Knowing who you are in the Lord, knowing your will and your purpose, that gives you peace!" she said.

Jordan is committed to celebrating women living out the scripture, women who understand sacrifice and struggle by working to elevate others. She does not need a crown; her giant heart makes her royalty.

"I like to see people feel appreciated," she said. "Everyone wants to feel appreciated; everyone wants to feel worthy!"