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Muslim Community and Health Center expands services thanks to new federal designation

That newly gained status is allowing them to add specialties like neurology, physical therapy, and podiatry to their roster.
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Posted at 9:11 PM, Jan 09, 2023

MILWAUKEE — A new federal designation is allowing the Muslim Community and Health Center of Wisconsin to expand its services in the Milwaukee community.

The south-side clinic is now designated as a “federally qualified healthcare center look-a-like.” That newly fostered look-a-like status provides new grant money, which is allowing them to add specialties like neurology, physical therapy, and podiatry to their roster.

Inside the center, visitors will find signs that read 'Commitment to Community.' Staff says that message is at the heart of all the programs offered there, from refugee resources to vaccine programs and more.

The center's CEO, Arman Tahir, says their goal is to provide accessible, inclusive healthcare regardless of financial status and cultural barriers.

"We serve ethnic backgrounds from almost 7 or 8 different countries in this clinic right now," Tahir shared. That includes patients from the Middle East, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Ukraine to name a few.

Staff onsite can service people in 12 different languages.

"We want patients to know that we're able to provide them services whether they can afford that service or not, whether they speak our language or not," Tahir said.

But the center isn't just medically focused. They also have a behavioral health clinic, a refugee resource center, and a center for senior care. All with a staff just as diverse as their patients.

"When you come in and are welcomed by somebody who speaks your language, who may belong to the same country you’re from, it really makes everyone who comes here feel that they are one of us."

MCHC’s new status is just the beginning of what they hope will be a future of robust, extensive care to anyone in the Milwaukee area who needs it.

They are in the process of adding dental services to their location in April of 2023, as well as looking into providing full-scope women’s health services with an OGBYN center before the year's end.

The center is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome.

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