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Muskego man charged in hit-and-run that left Greenfield high school student severely injured

Posted at 3:39 PM, May 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-27 16:39:48-04

GREENFIELD, Wis. — A 34-year-old Muskego man has been charged in connection to a hit-and-run that left a Greenfield high school student with serious injuries.

Walter G. Grebe has been charged with one count of felony hit and run (great bodily harm) on Friday.

The incident happened on Saturday, May 21 near Edgerton and Loomis. According to a criminal complaint released Friday, police and fire officials responded to the scene and found the victim, a Greenfield high school student, unconscious with severe injuries. the student has been identified by family as 16-year-old Trevor Le-Morrison.

Trevor Le-Morrison

Witnesses who were with the victim and saw the crash said a group of teens were having a water gun fight in the area. According to the complaint, the victim was being chased by someone with a water gun and he ran into the roadway and did not see a car coming. The witness said the victim was struck head on and the vehicle continued to travel eastbound on Loomis.

The student was transported to the hospital where he is now in serious, but stable condition. The complaint says he is being treated for a brain bleed, broken collarbone, fractured vertebrae in his neck, and two broken femurs. He had surgery to remove his spleen, part of his colon, and to fix damage to his liver and pancreas.

A witness pointed out the license plate that was left behind by the vehicle, a dark colored SUV. The complaint says officers ran a check on the plate and went to the home it was listed to. Police spoke to a woman at the home, who identified her boyfriend as Grebe. She told police he didn't come home and that he drove a Jeep Cherokee. Detectives returned to the home the following day and Grebe answered the door, the complaint says.


Grebe allegedly told detectives he was sorry and that "the kid" ran into his car. Grebe was then arrested. Officers found his vehicle in the parking lot at Potawatomi with significant damage to the front bumper, cover, grill, and hood, the complaint says. There also appeared to be fibers of hair on the hood, as well as possible skin transfer from the victim.

Grebe stated he had been at a volleyball tournament since noon on May 21 and only had two drinks. He said he dropped off his two friends and was heading home when he turned onto Loomis from Edgerton. According to the complaint, Grebe said the crash happened quickly and that there seemed to be a "party happening almost in the road" when he hit something.

The complaint continues to state that Grebe said "he knew whatever he hit, he hit really hard." He told detectives that he then drove to Potawatomi so that he could leave the car where there would be a lot of other cars. He then called an Uber to pick him up. According to the complaint, Grebe said when he was close to his home he saw police, so he had the Uber drop him off around the corner. Grebe then spent the night at a park and went home an hour before police arrived.

Grebe has his initial appearance in court on Friday, June 10. If convicted, he faces 15 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.

A GoFundMe was created to help the teen's family with Trevor's medical expenses. To donate, click here.

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