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Music class provides therapy for children with vision loss

Posted at 7:22 AM, Mar 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-02 23:44:41-05

MILWAUKEE — Music can be more than just notes on a chord. For a group of kids at Vision Forward, it's therapy.

Vision Forward is an organization that helps people impacted by vision loss. Emily Zajork is the music therapist at Vision Forward. She teaches children from 2-to 5-years old how to play instruments, sing and learn new dance moves.

"Music is especially beneficial to kids with vision loss because it's a multi-sensory experience, so they don't need to see it to experience it," said Zajork.

Through learning how to strum a guitar, the kids are working on fine and gross motor skills. During the class, the children also work on communication and listening skills.

"Kids learn and develop skills through play, and music is fun. It's motivating and very rewarding for the kids, so it doesn't feel like work," said Zajork.

Anna Rivas' 5-year-old daughter is blind. She said Vision Forward and the music class has helped her progress and achieve new goals.

"It makes me so happy because I see her express herself so much, and the music honestly motivates her, and one of the things she struggles with the most is physical activity cause her muscle tone is low. One thing that really gets her going is music," said Rivas.

Her daughter is an outspoken, positive, and loving child. Anna said as she continues to progress, it brings her joy and gives her hope for the future.

"Just to excel and gain as much independence as possible to get her set for her next step, which is school," said Rivas.

Through the class, each note, each beat, the organization is showcasing the power music can have.

Emily also teaches a music class for adults. To learn more information on Vision Forward, click here.

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